John Glass Training & Consulting


Lyla Tyler MS, Licensed MFT & Registered Play Therapy Supervisor

I have had many children who are clients in my private practice join John’s social skills group. Through play they learn to be cooperative, play with others, use self control and make friends. John’s easy-going, playful nature helps children feel safe and enjoy learning in a nonthreatening, natural play environment.

Linda S.-

I feel that John has helped my son identify and achieve the appropriate social skills to help him make and keep friends. This has helped his self esteem and he is now more confident.


 Laura S.-

Our family attended Crisis Intervention Training with John for some intense behaviors that were threatening the home placement of our son. John was knowledgeable and understanding. The approaches worked immediately.



Adrienne Williams MFTI, Sacramento County Mental Health Counselor

For children:
In his gentle and nurturing way, John is able to bring out the best in children, assisting them in achieving greatly increased social

For training:
John is able to present information in a way that is respectful of the learner, fun for participants, and educating all the while. John understands the content and presents it in a way that helps workers
apply what they have learned directly to their respective jobs.

CPR/1st Aid

I have taken this before- best ever!

-Ability to dialog and ask questions. John was an outstanding instructor.

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